ALERT Project

ALERT: An integrated sensors and biosensors system (BEST) aimed at monitoring the quality, health and traceability of the chain of the bovine milk

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In summary


  • The project ALERT funded by the Italian Ministry for economical development on 22 September 2006 by the Italian Government.

  • “ALERT: Develops and transfers an automated technological platform based on sensors and biosensors to an Italian dairy chain”

  • Role of the partners

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A presentation of the initiatives organized by the partners on the project BEST ALERT

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Press review

Available for download in the “Pubblicazioni” section the document of ISS “Modelli per la valutazione rischio-beneficio in sicurezza”
Available for download in the Press Kit section the official brochure about the Alert Project
Available for download in the “Links” section articles, documents and bibliographies
Available for download in the “Articolithe articles and documents



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Contact Us

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