Lattepiù spa

Latte più S.c.a. operate sas the First Purchaser of raw milk from cow farms in the Lazio region. Latte più was established in 1990 by a group of forward-looking dairy farmers distinguished for their experience, vision and attention to innovation, anticipating new market trends and type of demand in the dairy industry moving toward ever improved quality of fresh milk and other dairy products. Lattepiù has an experienced management in every phase of its activities. The fresh milk it collects, Latte più sells primarily to 4 establishment of treatment/transformation (Centrale del latte di Roma, Ariete latte sano, Centrale del latte di Rieti, Casearia dell’agro pontino), sometimes the firm gives the milk to other collectors, standardizers or establishments of treatment/transformation. In order to guarantee a high quality level of milk supplies, and to respect rules on “EC quotas”, the cooperative closely monitors milk in each partner dairy farm.