ALERT project

ALERT is one of the Italian projects funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, in the framework of the Bid “New technologies of the Made in Italy” of 2015 Industry program, under the subject “Technologies, Production Systems and Products aimed at improving the quality of life”.

The project has the objective to produce a high quality and absolute safe milk, monitored and checked by a tele-diagnostics system, licensed by the Italian Superior Institute of Health. The innovation consists in the monitoring of the product not at the end of the production chain but in continuum, starting from the primary production, that guarantees a timely collection of anomalies, in order to enable and assess immediate corrective actions.

The main technology used in the project is based on the application, at different steps of the production chain, of nanometric bio-sensors, able to note, through a metabolomic approach, the exposure of the health and the food of the animals to toxic substances and disrupters, and to advice immediately the breeders and producers. Thereby, the self-monitoring and the organisation capability of the breeding milk market improves and moves on, by optimizing the use of resources, minimizing the economic and financial losses and the social damages due to contamination alarms and accidents.
The ALERT system guarantees the whole organoleptic features of milk and consumers’ health, by increasing the value of one of the main productive sector in Italy.

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